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About us

UpGreat is a modern, dynamic and innovative management and development consulting company addressed to small and medium sized hotels and tourist accommodations.
The company was created by a team of experienced professionals, operating in different fields of the Tourism Industry, Financial Services, Constructions and Information Technology.
With our interventions, we are aiming at giving the opportunity to the owners of touristic units to upgrade accommodation services offered to their customers, while providing an added value to their businesses.
We operate as the experienced associate, that initially identifies and prioritizes the needs of the touristic unit and then proposes a comprehensive and targeted solution. Our goal is to perform interventions that will lead to an upgrade of the offered services and improvement of hotel management.

In UpGreat, we believe that achieving quality upgrading of the accommodation experience can be reached with various forms of cooperation proposals: either through targeted interventions or through an overall management proposal.

Target audience

Our services are aimed at owners of hotels and lodgings, who wish to upgrade their business, seeking the most effective proposal, the know-how and the resources to do so.
In any case, the award of a complex and time-consuming work such as the organization and improvement of a hotel to professionals,

guarantees the best possible outcome, at the right time and with the specified cost.
Professionalism, implementation of new practices, the adoption of new trends in the tourism sector, concern all hotel companies, regardless of their size, and can be implemented at a controlled cost, thus providing real added value to the business.

Our approach

Our role is not limited simply to the provision of advisory services but geared toward action, through the triptych: record, analysis and proposal.

Our operating model is based on a single point of contact approach. We assign one dedicated project manager to each cooperating company. Our team consists of experienced and well-established professionals who will undertake the implementation of our proposals – each one in their area of responsibility. Owners will maintain direct contact with the project manager, throughout the duration of the project, in order to monitor the progress of work and receive updates on the timeline and cost estimation.

  • Phase A: Record
    The initial phase of our approach includes the recording of the status quo of the business under evaluation, including the applied management practices and their results.
  • Phase B: Analysis
    Then we carry out a data analysis of the company operation in comparison with the corresponding market data, taking into account all the constraints and specificities of the local market.
  • Phase C: Proposal
    Following the analysis phase, we arrive at a final proposal which consists in applying modern best practices. Our proposal aims to offer – depending on the specific needs – either (a) comprehensive solutions or (b) targeted improvement interventions.
  • Action
    Our main goal is the improvement of the accommodation experience offered, which will have an obvious impact:

    • On the ownership of the business through a twofold result of profits increase and upgrade of the business’s image
    • On the customers, who will enjoy an improved accommodation experience, resulting in creating a devoted clientele base

Our vision

Our guide from day one of our operations, is the will to improve the overall hospitality experience provided. This way we can promote worldwide the value of quality Greek Tourism.
Our ambition is that our action is connected with real, visible improvement in all areas:

  • for the owner: Upgrading the sale proposal, which will add increase value of the business
  • for the client: Upgrading of hospitality experience that will lead to happy and loyal customers
    In order to achieve our goal we work with passion and enthusiasm, relying on personalized contact. We create relations based on mutual confidence and security, acting with professionalism and focus on detail.

Our team

Michalis Folas

Marketing Manager - Co-founder

After a decade in positions of responsibility in financial organizations, Michael decided to combine his experience in consultancy and design of financial products, with his professional ambition: The exclusive preoccupation with the tourism industry and active contribution to the upgrading of Greek tourism.

Thanasis Sarellas

Sales Manager - Co-founder

Combining knowledge of production, sales and consulting in industries like food, health and services, with his identity as Management Systems and Hotels Lead Auditor (more than ten years), Thanassis is specialized in the tourism sector in the evaluation and procedures re-engineering of tourism enterprises.

Dimitris Isaris

Funding Expert

Dimitris is a civil engineer, with a long experience in large scale constructions project management. Being a member of Hellenic Development Company he has gained expertise in NSRF Development Programs. As a business consultant, he has managed successfully a great number of investment plans of small/medium sized businesses, contributing to their consolidation and development, always acting with a high sense of responsibility.

Panagiotis Sarellas

Facility & Energy Manager

Panagiotis is a certified EUREM – European Energy Manager. He holds great experience in the fields of Facility & Energy Management of large building and infrastructure, as well as a recorded working experience in Project & Contract Management, having participated in all stages of construction and operation of integrated touristic areas: 5-star hotels, Golf course, Spa, conference centers

Leonidas Syrgkanis

Construction Manager

Leonidas, the leader of our construction team, has a 15-year-old experience in architectural studies and constructions of all scales. He has managed several projects regarding the construction of holiday houses, professional spacers, tourism exhibition stands and hotels, as well as renovations and energy upgrade interventions of touristic accommodations.

Dimitris Kokolakis

Design&Communication Expert

After spending several years in financial management positions of multinational companies, Dimitris’ interest for communication led him to the creation of Media Designers, in 2007. At that time, he ceased counting numbers in spreadsheets and started counting pixels on the monitor. Dimitris is leading the creative designers team of UpGreat.