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Upgreat Hospitality

About Upgreat Hospitality

We are a modern hospitality consulting company, which aims at Organizing & Upgrading small & medium sized hotels. Upgreat Hospitality was created when a team of experienced professionals from the fields of Tourism, Financial Services and Electronic Technology joined forces.

Through our consulting services provided, we wish to enable hotel owners and Managers upgrade the total hospitality experience offered, and at the same time provide added value to their business.

Target audience

The services we offer at Upgreat Hospitality are addressed to:

Hotel Owners and Managers who wish to:
• Organize and upgrade their Hotel under management
• Manage their available resources in the most efficient manner
• Optimize revenue management and increase profit margin of their business

Investors who are looking for the Partner who has the know-how and experience to lead them to the most effective business decision

Our approach

We have an experienced team of professionals with deep knowledge of the Hotel Industry and the Greek Tourism Market in particular.

We follow international trends, think globally, act locally and always operate ahead of the competition.

Our role is not limited to the mere provision of consulting services: We are action-oriented & results driven, based on the triptych recording-analysis-proposal (action plan).

Our vision

We aim at the real upgrade of all the services provided, which will produce benefits for both the hotelier and the guest.

Our vision is to provide a truly high level of hospitality experience.

In this way we can contribute to the promotion of the message of the value of the quality Greek Tourism product.

Our team

Michalis Folas

Marketing Manager - Co-founder

After a decade in positions of responsibility in financial organizations, Michael decided to combine his experience in consultancy and design of financial products, with his professional ambition: The exclusive preoccupation with the tourism industry and active contribution to the upgrading of Greek tourism.

Thanasis Sarellas

Sales Manager - Co-founder

Combining knowledge of production, sales and consulting in industries like food, health and services, with his identity as Management Systems and Hotels Lead Auditor (more than ten years), Thanassis is specialized in the tourism sector in the evaluation and procedures re-engineering of tourism enterprises.

Dimitris Isaris

Funding Expert

Dimitris is a civil engineer, with a long experience in large scale constructions project management. Being a member of Hellenic Development Company he has gained expertise in NSRF Development Programs. As a business consultant, he has managed successfully a great number of investment plans of small/medium sized businesses, contributing to their consolidation and development, always acting with a high sense of responsibility.

Panagiotis Sarellas

Facility & Energy Manager

Panagiotis is a certified EUREM – European Energy Manager. He holds great experience in the fields of Facility & Energy Management of large building and infrastructure, as well as a recorded working experience in Project & Contract Management, having participated in all stages of construction and operation of integrated touristic areas: 5-star hotels, Golf course, Spa, conference centers

Leonidas Syrgkanis

Construction Manager

Leonidas, the leader of our construction team, has a 15-year-old experience in architectural studies and constructions of all scales. He has managed several projects regarding the construction of holiday houses, professional spacers, tourism exhibition stands and hotels, as well as renovations and energy upgrade interventions of touristic accommodations.

Dimitris Kokolakis

Design&Communication Expert

After spending several years in financial management positions of multinational companies, Dimitris’ interest for communication led him to the creation of Media Designers, in 2007. At that time, he ceased counting numbers in spreadsheets and started counting pixels on the monitor. Dimitris is leading the creative designers team of UpGreat.