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Hotel Management

Upgreat Hospitality undertakes management of small and medium sized hotels, either under a Hospitality  Management Agreement (Management Contract) or under a Long-Term Lease Agreement (Hotel Lease).

The final management proposal is made following a detailed analysis of the current state of the business and its prospects, after the implementation of our proposed interventions.

A Management Contract, on behalf of Upgreat Hospitality, involves undertaking the Advisory Management & Organization of the Tourism business, in order to:

  • Improve financial indicators of the business, through revenue growth combined with reduced operating costs
  • Upgrade offered services and the hosting experience offered to guests
  • Improve business organization and create a long-term business plan
  • Achieve better promotion of the business and enhance its reputation

In the case of concluding a Management Agreement, the business continues to operate normally, under the existing corporate status; our contract is in the form of consulting services provision.

Advantages for the owner:

  • Professionals take control of the hotel and manage it in the most beneficial manner
  • Owner keeps all property benefits (cash flows, depreciation deductions, etc.)
  • Duration of the lease is limited
  • Owner retains an emotional connection with his business

The Long Term Lease Agreement (Hotel Lease) involves leasing of fixed business premises in exchange for a pre-agreed price (fixed amount, a percentage of the gross income of the company or a combination of the two above-mentioned contracts).

The lease is long term and all operational and financial obligations are transferred –starting from the initiating date of cooperation onward – exclusively to UpGreat, which undertakes management of the Hotel.

Advantages for the owner:

  • Retains title to the property and receives in the near future any added value to the property, created by by the operator
  • Has little or no financial risk, while cooperating with a reliable partner company
  • Has technically no involvement or engagement obligation in the operation of his hotel unit