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Operations planning & control


Operations planning of a hotel unit is the basic pillar for substantial improvement of:
(a) all accommodation services offered, and
(b) all economic indicators
UpGreat applies an overall strategy planning that affects all levels of the company under evaluation: Financial planning and control, recruiting and personnel training, certification services, reservation and clientele management planning.

Tasks that we undertake cover among others:

  • Financial Planning & Control
  • Recruiting & human resources management
  • Personnel Training
  • Payroll
  • Re-engineering procedures in functional and operational level
  • Development of management systems in accordance with international standards (ISO 9001, HACCP/ ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001/ OHSAS)
  • Reservations Management (PMS, Booking Engines, Channel Management)
  • Contract management & negotiation

UpGreat has developed and is implementing comprehensive training programs covering the whole range of processes of a hotel (regardless of the position/ level post or department of employment). Seminars may include operational issues, food safety, health safety, sales and customer service, etc. The above educational programs have specific structure and duration. However, it is always possible to provide tailor made training courses, upon specific requirements and customer needs, in terms of both content and implementation period of the training program.

UpGreat provides the necessity study, installation, and support of all the necessary tools for an effective and organized management of reservations and the clientele of a hotel unit, regardless of its size and category: We offer integrated PMS systems, Channel Managers, Booking Engines and Reputation Management Tools and we train our clientele for their efficient and profitable management.

To achieve efficient operation and monitoring compliance with the procedures of the hotel unit, UpGreat has developed and provides applications with the use of mobile devices (in different operating systems, such as Android, IOS or MS). These applications operate both as tools of re-engineering procedures and as sales tools and the creation of added value of the property. By using our tools as innovative methods for operating procedures, there are multiple ways to achieve a significant reduction of costs and a raise of sales.