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Revenue & Reservations Management


Revenue & Reservations Management

At Upgreat Hospitality we hold a highly experienced team of associates who take over the crucial sectors of Revenue & Reservations Management.

We follow market trends, optimize Rates & Channel distribution and achieve revenue growth and profitability, offering superior integrated services in the fields of:

  • Sales & Revenue Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Customer Support & Guest Experience

Each destination in Greece has a proven seasonality, specific needs and different prospects. At Upgreat Hospitality, we have a versatile, highly experienced Revenue Management team

  • We study the existing client base and the special characteristics of each specific market. We record past figures, follow closely on current trends, and forecast future demand
  • We follow up on market trends & competition, and offer realistic solutions that lead to revenue growth
  • We analyze in depth the development prospects and implement revenue management strategies that lead to income growth
  • Optimal pricing, yield management, proper channel distribution, combined with cost control tactics, are applied with the utmost professionalism following the business plan, and lead to increase of sales and profit margin
  • We undertake full reservation management of Hotels, Villas and Touristic Accommodation
  • Evaluate each Hotel’s needs, proposing and implementing complete integrated Reservation Management Systems
  • Provide full reservations management support from experienced personnel, 24/7 all year long
  • Process all incoming reservation requests and provide operational support before, during and after the clients’ stay.

Guest satisfaction and the professional handling of customers’ needs is the key factor to creating a loyal customer base and promoting a Hotel Business

We undertake complete guest experience management from a to z, creating a loyal customer base and providing excellent customer feedback & reviews. This leads to a constant improvement of the business image, cost saving, and eventually to revenue growth.