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Our Services


Hotel Financing

Our business plan for consulting cooperating companies in reaching financing, covers the entire range of their operation and needs, regardless of their life-cycle phase: From the cash flows necessary to meet daily operational needs, to financing the acquisition of assets and the execution of construction or renovation works.
Additionally, we undertake the task to draw financial plan of the company and to secure all necessary resources for its implementation, considering all possible sources of financing (Bank financing, co-funded European projects, co-investment with private funds), always serving the best interests of the client.

Debt Settlement

For businesses that are currently in maturity stage and face difficulties in meeting their financial obligations, we consult and guide them into debt settlement, provided all necessary criteria are met.
In UpGreat, we monitor the market following closely all market trends, recommending the most profitable cash management tools. We wish our associates to consider us their trusted financial advisors.
The long experience which our executives bear to the full range of available financing tools and services, guarantees that the solution proposed will be the most realistic, viable and profitable for the businessman.

Tasks undertaken:

  • Financial Plan drafting & execution
  • Bank Financing
  • Refinancing & Debt Settlement
  • Submission of applications for Funding Programs & Consultancy
  • Co–funding schemes